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Hispanic family 1888A people's culture is inherently a reflection of where they come from and where they live. Texas has always been an international crossroads and a destination for migrants from other areas of the United States. Mexicans and other Latinos have historically crossed the southern border and populated the southwest, European immigrants entered through the port of Galveston and settled central Texas, migrants from the Midwest settled north Texas, and migrants from the Southeast settled east Texas. Today, Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the country, drawing international immigrants not only from Mexico and Latin America, but increasingly from Asia and the Middle East. Domestic migrants seeking jobs and affordable housing continue to arrive from aging rust belt states in the Midwest and Northeast, and especially from California.

Young hispanic with US flagMigration and demographic change pose inescapable challenges to Texas political culture. Historically dominated by Anglo-Saxon Protestants who extracted their wealth from the earth, Texas is increasingly non-Anglo, non-Protestant, and urban. As international banking and high-tech industries like computers, silicon chip manufacturing, and telecommunications dominate the economy the state's future is increasingly tied less to the ground beneath it and more to decisions made in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Dubai, and Washington, D.C.

Ethnic and Racial Composition of Texas

Texas is home to a large, diverse population with a broad variety of ethnic backgrounds. This activity explores the racial and ethnic compositions of the state’s population and identifies important demographic trends.

Additional Resources


Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas
Provides the state of Texas with an institution that champions the historical Hispanic legacy and heritage from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Located in San Antonio, the website provides information on the organization’s historical research and contact information.

Texas Black History Education Project
An Austin-based, diverse group of writers, historians, and scholars dedicated to documenting the complete history of the African American experience in Texas. Through print and visual media, the Project seeks to make readily accessible a wide-ranging collection of information for younger generations of African Americans and for anyone interested in the evolution, progress, and accomplishments of Black Texans.