Migrating Videos
from Stream It to Blackboard/Kaltura

1Logging In

Start by logging in to Stream It. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, you’ll see your name and a down-arrow icon next to it. Select the down arrow to reveal a drop-down menu. On the drop-down menu, select My Videos.

2Select Your Video

This will display a page filled with thumbnails representing the videos you’ve uploaded to Stream It. Choose the video you want to download by selecting the thumbnail.


This takes you to a page where you can play the video you've selected. Beneath the video, look for a small button labeled Tools.

4Download Video

Selecting Tools will display a drop-down menu. Within this menu, select the Download Video option.

5Complete the Download

The video will download to your computer in the MP4 file format. You can change the numerical name of the downloaded video file to anything you like. Make sure not to edit or delete the .mp4 extension.

6Download Captions

Next, you’ll need to download the closed caption file that accompanies your video. From the Tools dropdown menu and select Download VTT.

7VTT Format

Stream It uses the VTT file format (Web Video Text Tracks) to create closed captions. You can also rename the VTT file, but make sure that you do not change the .vtt file extension.

8Convert to SRT

Before you upload this closed caption file to Blackboard/Kaltura, you’ll need to convert the VTT file to a SRT file, since the new system does not recognize VTT files. The process is fast and easy. Just go to his website to convert the file: https://subtitletools.com/convert-to-srt-online

9Conversion Process

Select "Choose Files" to upload your VTT file. The name of your VTT file will appear next to the button. Then, select Convert to Srt. Converting the file will take a few seconds.

10Download SRT

A new web page will appear with a new closed caption file with the .srt extension. Select the Download icon to transfer the file to your computer.

11Adjust the File Name

Once the SRT file is downloaded, you can remove the “[SubtitleTools.com]” portion of the file name. Make sure that you do not change the .srt extension.

12Upload to Blackboard/Kaltura

Follow the the links on the left to learn how to upload your video and SRT files to Blackboard/Kaltura and add them to your course.