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You've identified, located, and evaluated information created by other people.


Now it's time to utilize that information.



The final part of the research process is to communicate and support your conclusions. Citing sources gathered during your research helps you build your argument. Including graphics or other creative expressions can illustrate a point or add impact to your project.


Incorporating the work of others is acceptable in academic writing, but you have a responsibility to let your audience know when you are using someone else's ideas and where you found that information.


image os a student leaning over to see another student's work


Our society places high value on honesty and the concept of fair play. We are taught from a young age that it is not nice to take things that belong to other people.


Dishonesty, theft, plagiarism, & copyright

Plagiarism and violation of copyright are essentially stealing words, ideas, or creative works — intellectual property that rightfully belongs to someone else.