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New characteristics that appear when smaller parts combine are __________.
Correct. Characteristics that exist when objects interact but are not a part of either individual object are properties that emerge because of the interaction.
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emergent properties
Incorrect. Review the lesson and textbook material on emergent properties.
organ systems
molecular properties
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Correct. Cells are the basis of all living things.
The basic unit of life is the __________.
The smallest unit of matter is the __________.
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Correct. Atoms are the smallest segment of matter. Atoms combine to form molecules and macromolecules, which interact to form cells.
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Correct. Producers use light energy to create organic molecules in which some of the captured energy is stored in chemical bonds.
A producer __________.
obtains energy by eating other living organisms
is inorganic and not alive
captures energy and makes food
creates energy
plants are prokaryotic and animals are eukaryotic
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plants are unicellular and animals are multicellular
plants are producers and animals are consumers
plants are consumers and animals are producers
The primary difference between plants and animals is that __________.
Correct. Because plants can create organic molecules from inorganic molecules and store energy in the chemical bonds, they are producers. Because animals depend on the plants for energy, animals are consumers.
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Cells lacking membrane-bound organelles are __________.
Correct. Prokaryotes are unicellular organisms that store DNA directly in the cytoplasm.
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Correct. Species is the narrowest of the taxonomic ranks.
The most specific of the classification ranks is __________.
Canis lupus
Which of the following demonstrates the proper way to utilize taxonomy to classify a dog?
canis canidae
Animalia Lupus
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Correct. Proper taxonomic classification requires the use of both the genus and species names. Both words should be italicized, and the genus should be capitalized.
Natural selection is a process of continual improvement of species over previous versions.
Natural selection cannot affect species that are already perfectly adapted to their environment.
Which of the following statements about natural selection is true?
Pressure from the environment causes individuals to develop adaptive traits.
Correct. Natural selection is a process by which adaptive traits increase in population frequency because they increase reproductive success of individuals who possess them. Because environmental conditions frequently change, even well-adapted organisms are subject to natural selection.
Pressure from the environment increases reproductive success in individuals possessing adaptive traits.
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Correct. Evolutionary theory encompasses the current model for how natural selection and other mechanisms of evolution have led to the formation of all existing species through descent, with modification, from a common ancestor. Evolutionary theory provides well-supported models for how, not why, humans exist.
why humans exist
how species have evolved by climbing the evolutionary ladder
the evolution of humans from apes by natural selection
natural selection and evolution by common descent
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Evolutionary theory encompasses well-supported hypotheses regarding __________.
data analysis
Correct. Systematically evaluating information objectively is the basis of scientific thought.
Scientific thinking is best described as __________.
theory constructing
critical thought
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hypothesis testing
a hypothesis
an opinion
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In March, a group of birds flew over my home, heading north. This statement is an example of __________.
Correct. Direct observations are an example of data. The statement does not suggest an explanation for how or why the behavior occurred; therefore, it is not a hypothesis, opinion, or law.
a law
a casual relationship between variables
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An athlete notices that every time he wears a particular pair of shoes, he performs well. He concludes the shoes are responsible for his improved performance. This is an example of __________.
Correct. Two events could occur together because of a third variable. Alternatively, additional observations could demonstrate a different pattern. It is possible that future observations or data could uncover a link between an athlete’s shoes and athletic performance, leading to the same conclusion, but with better support for the hypothesis.
a strong correlation that justifies the conclusion
a well-supported hypothesis
a premature conclusion
amount of barking
training method
the stimulus to trigger barking in dogs
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A person designs an experiment to determine whether a new method of dog training will decrease the amount of barking. What is the independent variable for this experiment?
the group of dogs tested
Correct. The training method is the variable that will be changed among the experimental groups.
A person designs an experiment to determine whether a new method of dog training will decrease the amount of barking. Which of the following is a controlled variable in this experiment?
all variables are controlled
Correct. In order to determine whether the training method reduces barking, the stimulus used to trigger barking must be the same in all behavioral testing. If the stimulus varies, changes in barking may be due to changes in the stimulus and not to the presence or absence of the training method.
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