• Explaining Relationships

    Explaining Relationships

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Relationships are everywhere, but examining a specific relationship sometimes presents a tricky mine field to wander through. In your journey of discovery about relationships, develop questions that help you avoid the “booby traps” imposed by conventional thinking. What are some unusual features of the relationship? Where is the relationship going? Why does he/she/it behave so strangely? Why can’t the two entities understand each other?

Writing that Tells a Story

The gurus and expert writers explain the basic aspects of narrative structure with emphasis on introductions, paragraphs, and conclusions. A brief animation discusses the purpose and use of paragraphs in narrative writing.

Video Focus Points

Look for answers to these questions when watching the video:

  • What is narrative structure?
  • What are the functions of paragraphs in writing?
  • How do paragraphs help clarify writing?


Ideas, Paragraphs, and Details

Lakshmi begins exploring the relationship between humans and germs and demonstrates the challenges of writing an introduction, developing paragraphs, and adding details to the essay. The advantages of seeking feedback during the writing process become apparent in her conversation with Marcus.

Video Focus Points

Look for answers to these questions when watching the video:

  • What changes does Lakshmi make to her essay after her conversation with Marcus?
  • What are techniques you typically use to organize your thoughts when writing?


Paragraph Popups

The simple outline illustrated in this activity is one method you can use to organize your thoughts into paragraphs and clarify main ideas. This organizational tool also helps you think about the function of each paragraph and determine where it should be placed in the essay so readers can follow the logical development of your ideas.

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