• Exploring the Process

    Exploring the Process

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Invention, delivery, and revision. What is involved in these three distinct stages of writing? Obviously, invention involves discovering an idea, delivery is concerned with how the idea is organized and developed so the reader can follow along, and revision is laboring over the clarity, editing, and accuracy of the writing. Sounds easy, right? But these stages are not always a 1-2-3 step process.

Writing, A Recursive Process

The two writing "gurus" who guide students through this course introduce themselves and discuss the writing process, focusing on the recursive nature of writing and the importance of feedback from a writer’s group.



In a first semester college writing course, student writers are often asked to write a personal narrative based on a memory. Writing about a memory is self-reflective and involves looking back into what a writer knows best, his or her individual history, to determine an event, a situation, or a set of events to remember in writing.

WindowGirlWhen writing about personal experience, writers need to tell  stories the audience can empathize with and easily grasp. Determining what to write about does not typically involve huge moments. More likely, a writer recalls small and seemingly unimportant moments that have taken on deeper meaning over a period of time. Images are often the key to remembering: old photographs, a place from the past, doing something a person has not done for years, or perhaps calling or writing to someone from the past.

Exploring a Memory

Students in a composition class meet as a writer’s group for the first time and discuss their class assignment – writing about a past experience or memory. They demonstrate how writing ideas can originate in personal experience.

Video Focus Points

Look for answers to these questions when watching the video:

  • What is the value of past experiences as source material for writing?
  • What do the photos and memorabilia presented in the video remind you of in your own experience?


Writing Styles Inventory

Begin the journey of learning more about who you are as a writer by investigating your approach to writing in this activity. What does the writing process look like in your everyday life? What helps you write your best material? Do you consider yourself to be a disciplined writer? What are your strongest points as a writer? What would you like to improve in your writing? These questions will help you reflect on your writing and set personal goals for refining your skills.