The tips below will help you take tests in eCampus.


  • Use a desktop or laptop computer to take the test. Do NOT use a mobile device (a phone, tablet, etc.).
  • Make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection.
  • Use a supported browser. Select the Browser Support link for a list of supported browsers. Select the Browser Test link to test your browser.
  • eCampus has a 3-hour session time limit. If you have been logged in for a while, log out and close your browser. Then reopen your browser and log in to eCampus again to take your test.
  • See the eCampus login page for the recommended Java version. Go to and verify that you have the right version by selecting “Do I have Java?” If you have multiple versions installed, remove the older one(s).
  • Disable popup blockers.
  • Maximize your browser window and do not resize or refresh it during the test.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to take tests. If you experience technical problems, it will take time to resolve them.


  • Do not enter the test until you are ready to take it, and do not leave until you are finished.
  • Do not use navigation buttons (ex: the browser's "Back" button). Use the buttons provided in the test.
  • Use the Save buttons sparingly, if at all.
  • If you have issues with your test content, or if you are locked out of your test, contact your instructor. Only your instructor can clear your attempt (re-set your test).
  • If you have technical problems, immediately contact the Student Help Desk at 972-669-6402, 1-866-374-7169, or Student Technical Support.


  • After completing the test, click the "Submit" button once.
  • Do not select "Save." Only the "Submit" button will turn in your test.
  • Wait at least 3-5 minutes for a confirmation that your test was received.
  • When you receive the confirmation, take a screenshot so that you will have a record of your attempt.

Note: If you are taking a test using the Respondus LockDown Browser, some of the above tips may not work.


Updated 7/10/19