• Composition II

    Composition II

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 Lesson 1: Preparing for the Journey

Lesson Overview
The Rehetorical Situation
Revisiting the Writing Process

Lesson 2: Searching for Information

Lesson Overview
Finding Sources
Evaluating Sources
Using Sources
Documenting Sources

Lesson 3: Writing Under Pressure

Lesson Overview
Planning the Process
Preparing for Timed Writings

Lesson 4: Defining Formal Argument

Lesson Overview
What is Formal Argument?
What is an Arguable Thesis?
What Are Support Strategies?
What About the Opposition?

Lesson 5: Analyzing Arguments

Lesson Overview
Finding Hidden Arguments
Writing About Literature

Lesson 6: Crafting a Formal Argument

Lesson Overview
Engaging the Audience
Finding Clarity
Building the Case
Intensifying Voice


Lesson 7: Researching an Argument

Lesson Overview
Connecting with the Audience
Avoiding Plagiarism
Evaluating the Argument


Lesson 8: Reflecting on the Journey

Lesson Overview

Updated August/19