• Organizational Behavior - HRPO 2307

    Organizational Behavior - HRPO 2307

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Unit 1: Organizational Theory

Organizational Behavior Defined
Managing Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior and Employee Relations>
Organizational Behavior and the Structure of the Organization

Unit 2: Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

Demographic Diversity
Cultural Diversity
The Role of Ethics and National Culture

Unit 3: Team Dynamics

Group Dynamics
Understanding Team Design Characteristics
Management of Teams

Unit 4: Organizational Conflict

Understanding Conflict
Causes and Outcomes of Conflict
Conflict Management
Negotiation Strategies
The Role of Ethics and National Culture

Unit 5: Leadcership Styles and Effectiveness

Who is a Leader? Trait Approaches to Leadership
What Do Leaders Do? Behavioral Approaches to Leadership
What Is the Role of the Context? Contingency Approaches to Leadership
What Drives Employee Perceptoin of Leadership? Leradership and Ethics, Leadership Around the Globe

Unit 6: Corporate Culture

Understanding Organizational Culture
Characteristices of Organizational Culture
Creating and Maintaining Organizational Culture
Creating Culture Change
The Role of Ethics and National Culture

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