• Principles of Management - BMGT 1327

    Principles of Management - BMGT 1327

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 Unit 1: Management Functions

Management and Managers

Unit 2: Management Theories

Classical Views of Management
Behavioral Views of Management
Contemporary Views of Management

Unit 3: Apply Management Theories to Business Environments

Management Practices Based on Internal/External Environments
External Environment
Internal Environment and Application of Management Theories

Unit 4: Leadership Styles and Roles

Managers vs. Leaders
Power: The Key to Leadership
Lewin's Leadership Styles
Contingency Theory: Fiedler
House's Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership Theory

Vroom, Yetton, and Jago's Normative Decision Model
Leadership Roles

Unit 5: Communication Process

Communication Process
Nonverbal Communication

Unit 6: Appropriate Business Communication

Written Communication Channnels Overview
Text, Email, and Netiquetter
Memos and Letters
Fat-to-Face Communication 

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