Class Preparation Checklist
Action Notes
Check when done
Orientate to class content
Download and read syllabus.    
Download and read the Due Dates-Class Outline document.    
View lesson content.    
View discussion boards.    
View assignments.    
View supplemental materials.    
Check class
Verify availability of correct edition of textbook & required materials at college bookstore. If applicable.  
Check class content for duplicate information, especially tests and pools. Delete any duplicate content. This step is relevant if you have your own template. If you order a course copy there should be no duplicates.  
Check for correct upload of online sections against the Due Dates-Class Outline document.    
Check the availability of all content items. Did you set date restrictions?  
Check question pools.    
Check discussion boards. Make sure old posts are deleted.  
Check Grade Center columns. Make sure each graded item is represented once in the Grade Center.  
Check all web links and make sure they work and are updated.    
Check all video feeds and make sure they are streaming.    
Check plug-ins. If used.  
Modify eCampus
Include necessary information in Contact Instructor. Email, office hours, phone number.  
Edit and upload your syllabus. Sample document included. The areas you need to edit are highlighted in yellow.  
Edit and upload the Due Dates-Class Outline document. Sample document included.  
Edit/personalize Welcome announcement.    
Set due dates for tests.    
Set due dates for assignments. Including discussion board posts.  
Additional Items
Hide or make unavailable any content you do not wish students to see at the beginning of the semester.    
Re-upload old announcements to set current dates.    
Include welcome message/video.    
Personalize support documents. Getting Started, Textbook, Contact Instructor, Where To Get Help.  
Import additional textbook pools if desired. New textbooks have new pools.  
Use or edit current discussion board assignments. Or add your own.  
Make sure any content added is ADA compliant. Provide ALT tags for images, intuitive names for document links, etc.  
Synchronize Safe Assignments if applicable.    


PDF version: Class Preparation Checklist.pdf

MS Word version: Class Preparation Checklist