With the latest upgrades to some browsers, you may find that you can no longer view or see the players for audio and video content (and perhaps other content) that are embedded in your Blackboard course. This is a new web security feature, and if it is not currently in the browser you use, then it will very likely be there soon. This document will present workarounds for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome browsers that will allow you to see the audio and video in your course.

Firefox version 23+

Firefox is the browser that is supported by Blackboard and is the one that MCC suggests everyone use. By default, Firefox will normally try to upgrade you to the latest version, so you should be at version 23 or higher. When Firefox loads a page that contains secure and insecure content, it will default to blocking the insecure content on the page. In Firefox, a shield icon in the address bar is what you will see that tells you the page has unsecure content:

shield icon

To allow the insecure content to show on the page, you’ll need to click on the shield icon which will display a dialogue box like the one below:

drop-down dialog box

Click on the dropdown button next to Keep Blocking and then click on Disable Protection on This Page. The page will refresh and you should be able to see the content. The icon in the address bar will also change:

change icon

Please note that this change is only in effect while you are in this course. You will have to redo this process if change courses viewed or if you logout of Blackboard.

Internet Explorer 10+

Internet Explorer will also block insecure content but does not seem to be a strict as Firefox. When content is blocked in Internet Explorer, you will see a blank area of the page where content should be. In order to see the blocked content in Internet Explorer, you need to turn on Compatibility Mode. To turn it on, you will click on an icon in the address bar of the browser:

IE compatibility mode

This will open a dialogue at the bottom of the browser:

Show all content button

You will need to click on the Show all content button to have the insecure elements display. You need to be quick as this dialogue will disappear after only a few seconds. Note that when you first go to a page that contains secure and insecure content, you may automatically see this dialogue appear. Clicking on the Show all content button will automatically allow you to see the content without being in Compatibility Mode.

You can tell you are in compatibility mode because the icon in the address bar will turn blue. While Internet Explorer will allow you move from course to course, if you go to another website or logout of Blackboard and return at another time, you will need to go through this process again.

Google Chrome

Much like Firefox, Chrome will place a shield icon in the address bar to indicate that you are on a site with insecure content.

shield icon in Google chrome

To allow the page to show all content you need to click on the shield. You will see a dialogue box like the one below:

load unsafe script

Clicking on Load unsafe script will refresh the page and the content should be visible.