Recording and Uploading Videos in Blackboard: Discussion Board

Select the name of the discussion then select Create Thread.

 Step1 select the name of the discussion.

The Create Thread page appears. Give your video a name.

 Step 2 give your video a subject name.

Select the Record from Webcam icon.

 Step3 select the record from the webcam icon

The Webcam Recorder window appears. Select Sign in to YouTube.

 Step4 Webcam Recorder window appears.

Select Record from webcam.

Step5 select record from webcam

Select Start Recording.

Step6 select start recording.

Select Stop Recording when you finish.

 Step 7 select stop recording when finished.

Select Continue.

Step 8 select continue

Select Insert.

 Step 9 select insert.

Select Insert again.

Step 10 select insert again.

Select Submit.

Step 11 select submit.