Biology for Non-Science Majors was designed as a learning enhancement tool that can be used separately or in conjunction with a four credit-hour course. This learning tool focuses on the scientific method and connects biology to real life situations by integrating text, interactive activities, animation videos and self-assessments. Volume 1 is comprised of 15 lessons while Volume 2 includes 15 related labs that the reader can follow with an at-home science kit. Colleges and universities have the option to license full course material that will integrate into any learning management system.


Business Principles

This introductory-level college course is intended to be the first course a student takes in a business-centered degree program. It also may be part of other degree or career training programs that require a basic knowledge of business processes. In addition, the course prepares students to make day-to-day consumer decisions and to appreciate the significant role that business plays in today's global society.


English Composition I

The Writer’s Circle is a college-level English composition course that introduces the basic approaches to essay writing: narration, description, observation, analysis, argument, evaluation, and research. Students follow the writing processes of invention, delivery (rhetorical tools, organizational strategies, voice) and revision. The primary goal of the course is to teach students college-level writing skills for success in academia and the everyday world. Each Lesson builds upon the preceding Lesson honing student skills in analysis, synthesis, and basic rhetoric.


English Composition II

Designed for students to refine the writing, research, and reading skills introduced in English I, English II utilizes three basic instructional design strategies to teach composition; direct instruction about writing techniques and rhetorical tools, modeling of desired outcomes, and application of skills to each stage of the writing process. The content and video materials, which typically deliver content, present realistic scenarios, interview professional writers, and provide samples to model skills needed in academic writing.


Texas Government

Texas Government is a media-rich learning enhancement resource that can also be used as an online course. The 14 lessons introduce students to the institutions and processes of Texas government and politics. Each lesson includes an extensive introduction, documentary videos, virtual roundtable videos, interactive exercises, progress checks, a glossary, and a resource list. Colleges and universities have the option to license the course and access the the online content that easily integrates into learning managments systems.


U.S. History I

This introductory-level college course reveals to a present day audience another time in history, where native cultures, newly arriving cultures, ideas and habits formed a new nation that would one day be the most recognized in the world. Through their eyes, we explore these primitive beginnings, wonder at the accomplishments of early settlers despite incredible hardships, examine political leadership and economic growth, and after the sorrow of a bitter Civil War, we share in the hope for "shaping" a new America.


U.S. History II

The heart of this introductory-level college course is documentary-style video that takes us to the places where American history happened and gives voice to the people who lived there. The strengths of the medium carry us into the human stories of choice and consequence that bring history to life. These common threads are woven together throughout the course to encourage a deeper, more critical understanding of the forces that have shaped American history – in particular, questions of freedom, equality and national identity are revisited throughout the series. 


U.S. Government

Primarily a study of modern politics, this course introduces students to the organization, principles and various functions of the federal government. Video and interactive content help students analyze the history, structure, changes, and continued evolution of politics in the United States. Students explore a variety of contemporary political issues as they relate to the course content to better understand how and why the United States of America has created a vast, dynamic and complex governmental system.