• Introduction to Biology

    Introduction to Biology

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Now that you have learned about life processes and scientific thinking, can you explain the appearance of methicillin-resistant bacteria (MRSA)?

Recognizing biology in your everyday life requires observation, inquiry, and critical thinking. As you seek to apply the knowledge you have gained in this lesson, consider the following questions:

  1. Considering the importance of identifying and controlling variables during a scientific investigation, how would you assess the reporter's claim that the community acquired "strain of MRSA is less virulent and easier to treat than the version normally found inside hospitals"?
  2. Have you observed evolution in any populations you have encountered over the course of your life?
  3. How has scientific thinking improved your ability to critically think and evaluate the non-science news you encounter, from politics to sports to entertainment?

As you continue studying biology, consider how recognizing the principles of evolutionary theory and scientific thinking can help you evaluate new information and recognize the value of an open, but critically thinking mind in all aspects of life.